​In an interesting turn of events on Monday, it would appear that Reason Gaming are under investigation for match manipulation and, as a result, have been banned from ESL Premiership play. 

This info was revealed in an email by Ian Smith, the commissioner of the Esports Integrity Coalition, who contacted Reason to let them know what was going on. 

Allegedly, members of Reason conspired to throw their match against Radix Esports, thus giving them an easier team to play against the following week. While suspensions are not usually enacted prior to a full investigation, Ian Smith offered Reason a sort of ultimatum. 

They could either accept the suspension and be unable to compete in ESIC affiliated events until May of 2018, or they could put themselves through the long, difficult process of trying to prove their innocence. 

Reason Gaming's ban means their record for the ESL Premiership season has been reset, meaning the entire bracket must be reset. As a result, Radix's wins have been reset as well. Cheating and match-fixing have absolutely no place in competitive Counter-Strike, and it's very nice to see the Esports Integrity Coalition keeping things in line.

Image courtesy of gosugamers