After only a month on the team, Cloud9's flex tank/healer is back on the free agent market.

Esports can be a difficult market to stay afloat in. 

C9 announced Carl "crems" Aspehult as a member of the team on August 13, as part of acquiring the Laser Kittenz roster. There's been no official statement as to what caused the change, but we'll be paying close attention if any news comes out.

C9 also parted ways with CrusaDe last week, so their roster for Overwatch Contenders and the Overwatch League is somewhat up in the air. Almost a month ago, C9 announced they were looking for a mostly Korean roster as well. 

As he said, crems can flex to any role, but whatever team signs him will get a phenomenal teammate. He's been playing D.Va recently, crems will be looking to take advantage of her new update coming soon, and Lucio isn't going anywhere in the meta anytime soon.