The CS:GO training platform, BOOMEO took the Counter-Strike community by storm for the past year. With advertisements and support popping left and right from prominent figures like Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, we thought BOOMEO was here to stick around. 

However, after a year of activity, it's been announced that BOOMEO has shut down. Their website, as well as their Discord channel, have all been wiped out. 

BOOMEO grew to prominence due to their innovative platform designed to help CS:GO players improve at the game by learning from professional players and practice in custom game modes like their duel setting. 

Additionally, they've created quality content over the years, such as 1v1 duels between legendary players like Richard "shox" Papillon and Kenny "KennyS" Schrub, casted by the top-tier talents like Alex "Machine" Richardson. 

BOOMEO has yet to release an official statement, as the last activity of their Twitter account comes from Sept. 3.

According to a comment by Smith "SirScoots" Smith, a respected insider and caster within the Counter-Strike scene, the reason why the site closed down is "the main esports team at WME-IMG recently quit. Boomeo was a passion project spearheaded by a guy named Simon and he is one of the folks that quit. I imagine WME-IMG decided this side business was not worth the effort and cost to keep going."

He also noted that the sudden shut down does not mean the end of the platform. It's possible the creators may rebrand and return to the scene again.

Photo courtesy of BOOMEO.