The game of Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be seeing some significant changes in the future after the release of patch notes for its most recent pre-release update.  

The list of changes is not a long one, but the changes that could be made are ones that will affect the gameplay of future events. The official Twitter account of ESL Counter Strike tweeted out the list of changes that were shown via the CS:GO blog. 

The update sees a reduction to the unarmored aimpunch in addition to making the P250 more long-distance friendly, reducing its advantage at closer range and making it slightly less effective when you are moving. The glock, however, seemed to get more of a buff as it now favors players that are accurate, but at closer distances, as the long-range accuracy has been reduced by it. 

ESL also tweeted out a demonstration of the new aimpunch.

This update could bring about some change to the meta of the game in general. This could lead to more focus on buying grenades, kits and such in the pistol rounds over armor due to the reduced aimpunch while being unarmored. It certainly could lead to more strategies being used and allow for a different way to spend in terms of set ups during the rounds. 

A few of the pros have already shared some of their thoughts on the new update, citing that the pistol changes and aimpunches are an improvement, but not quite sure as to why the glock is getting an update that allows better aiming while running, but reduces accuracy while running for the P250. 

It'll be interesting to see how the changes play out when they are implemented. Certainly, the meta of CS:GO is changing and there will most likely be an adjustment period for the players to adapt to the new update.