It's not surprising to see that these two teams, Team Liquid and Newbee, have been directly invited to ESL One. It's obvious from their performance at The International 2017 that the champions and runner-ups were two of the top teams in all of Dota 2.

What's more interesting is will we get to see another rematch between these two phenomenal teams? In my opinion, Newbee has way more to prove having lost 3-0 to Team Liquid in the Grand Finals at TI7. While Team Liquid will be defending their title as the number one Dota 2 team.

ESL One is most definitely going to be another great tournament but what I'm excited about is which teams will be invited next? Especially considering all the new teams forming and the crazy mix ups in this years roster.

​​After this phase of roster shuffles, we saw a lot of new brands and teams joining the Dota 2 scene. We usually see players joining or rejoining old hats that have always been in the mix. This could be an example of players tired of the same old stuff and willing to take a risk on a new brand. ESL One Hamburg could be the start for a lot of teams and become a welcoming change to a somewhat stagnant scene.