The Danish Kings of Counter-Strike have locked down another huge partnership deal. Astralis have joined forces with JACK & JONES, one of the largest retail brands in menswear. 

The two brands, Astralis and JACK & JONES, both originate from Denmark and both have grown to be empires in their respective industries. In a joint official statement, the two brands will partner in creating "the first ever performance optimized esports jersey, wide range of activation initiatives and a merchandise collection co-designed by Astralis and JACK & JONES."

The statement also read JACK & JONES are the official clothing sponsor for Astralis, meaning they will supply the players' clothing, jersey and more. However, the partnership seems to go further than that. Astralis and JACK & JONES also plan to work together on organizing fan meet-and-greets, competitions, hangouts and much more. 

The merchandise collection and the esports jersey of Astralis X JACK & JONES will debut at BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen, Denmark on Nov. 17. What better way to display the project for the first time than in the country where both brands originated!

Photo courtesy of Astralis.