The World Champion is just around the corner and Riot has finally pushed the Worlds patch on the live servers. Although many of the changes won't be meta changing, there are still some notable nerfs and buffs that could potentially change the pick and ban phase of competitive play. 

The major changes of the patch have to be the two top picks of the entire season, Gragas and Jarvan IV. You've probably seen the number of videos regarding Gragas' body slam and it's hitbox, well good news, they're nerfing it quite significantly. Gargas' body slam will receive a collision detection radius, hitbox offset radius. 

Another notable nerf is the changes to Gargoyle's Stoneplate. The health you obtain through its active will now be noted as base health, this means the synergy with Iron Locket of Solari will be significantly reduced. This change alongside Jarvan IV's nerf to his Golden Aegis will definitely have the teams prepare something much more different for the world stage.

Other notable nerfs is the Tristana Explosive Charge ratio being reduced, Lucians Relentless Pursuit cool down increased at early levels, and more surprisingly a Rakan buff? The coaches have to re-check their pick and ban priorities for this final patch before Worlds. As a reminder, Ornn will be disabled for the World Championship, as our blacksmith won't be having pro play until the next season. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the patch notes on the official League of Legends website!