During their ESL Pro League match against Splyce, OpTic Gaming showcased some interesting call outs throughout the final minutes of a tightly contested round. The game was during Matchday 5 of the ESL Pro League and was on the map Overpass. 

It was during the tail end of the match, the round gave OpTic match point. The communication was between all four players of OpTic as they converged on the last remaining member for Splyce during the round. 

The clip demonstrates the strategy and communication that OpTic used to close out the round against Splyce. Some of the call outs were about the game, but the main point of the clip is the talk after the round ends. The clip showcases OpTic saying some choice words toward Splyce, but the way it is done is quite funny. They get a bit hyped up and realize they can close out the match. 

These are the types of callouts and communications that make competitive gaming a joy to watch. The new team has a lot to prove, but it already seems they get along swimmingly.