The play-in and group stages have been drawn and it's time for teams to prepare for their opponents in the World Championships. Although Fnatic slipped into Worlds by playing in the regional qualifiers, we believe they're Europe's best chance.

Back in the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split, G2 has failed to win a series against Fnatic. According to their play-in group. Fnatic has a great opportunity to finish first in their group and make it out of the play-in stage. 

G2's Misfortune:

Fnatic avoided one of the most difficult groups because G2 has already occupied the slot for Europe. No two teams from the same region can be placed in the same group. They'll be able to avoid Groups C and D because both already have European teams locked in. 


G2 already has to face Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy, and possibly Cloud9. G2 has been dropped into the "Group of Death" this year and their life expectancy isn't looking too well. Being in the same situation Team SoloMid was back in 2016, G2 has to be on their toes throughout the entire group stage in order to make it out. 

Fnatic in the Group Stage

Fnatic, on the other hand, has a good chance to make it out of the group stage. If selected in Group A, they can focus on making it into second place. SKT along side EDG will be hard opponents, but Fnatic has shown that they can adapt incredibly quick. Think back to their 3rd place match, beating H2K 3-2, then facing them once again in the gauntlet but this time, they swept them clean. 


Martin "Rekkles" Larsson the MVP

Rekkles has been with Fnatic for as long as I can remember. He was once the rookie of the team, but now he's the veteran. Rekkles can prove on the stage why he deserves to be the World Champion. First and foremost, the current meta fits Rekkles' playstyle completely as his ability to carry with Tristana, Sivir, and even Kennen shines through. He's the hard carry of Fnatic and thats what the meta is about, keep the AD carry alive and well. 

Gotta Give Credit Where It's Due

Rekkles can't do it without his duo, Jesse "Jesiz" Le. Jezis can perform incredibly well with his strong initiation champions like Alistar and Thresh or the safe, peel for the AD carry supports like Janna or Morgana. Jesiz can do it all and he's proven it time and time again. His ability to step up to the plate for his team really raises their morale and helps them perform to their highest caliber. He even locked in Camille support, remember that one?

The current meta fits perfectly with Fnatic's entire talented roster with tanks and carries. Their ability to quickly adapt to their opponents playstyle, strengths and weaknesses prove that they are still the European Kings. 

Photos courtesy of Riot Games Flickr.