The infamous Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho, a position 4/5 support who's known for his high-risk, high-reward plays, has recently joined forces with Team Tuho. This is a European based team that formed with the intention to compete in The International 2017 qualifiers. 

It seems that this American player has thirst for facing new challenges and taking a big risk. From traveling to the Philippines to join TnC Gaming, then going to the United Kingdom for a few months to play with Fnatic. He later formed a new squad, Team Onyx, in America which turned into Digital Chaos. DeMoN then teams up with compLexity Gaming for a while before becoming a free agent and finally, getting picked up by Team Tuho. 

Either this guy loves traveling the world or DeMoN is searching far and wide for his dream team.

Whatever the reason, DeMoN is sure making a name for himself as one of the greatest support players for his ingenious plays.

Check out DeMoN's Tranquil Boot dropping skills.

His amazing BKB timing.

We are sure whatever team DeMoN is on, he will be the one to watch. Time will tell if Team Tuho will be the team that will hopefully take him to The International 2018 and one step closer to his dream.