​When Justin "Syrox" Burroughs exploded onto the scene in December 2016 after his incredible run at Eden, it was sterling technical skill that held the spotlight on him. His movement, particularly on the moving cloud Randall of Yoshi's Story, led him to new levels of fame in the community.

Syrox's tech skill was lauded in an almost messianic fashion, as though he were the first player in history to waveland off of Randall. Well, Weston "Westballz" Dennis had something to say about that.

​​On a recent stream, Westballz set out to prove that it wasn't just these new kids with all the tech skill. And it didn't take long. On his second attempt, Westballz successfully pulled off the repeated wavelands on Randall that made Syrox's name. 

So next time someone starts talking a big game about how technical Syrox is, show them this clip of Westballz matching him waveland for waveland. The old school's still got it. After all, Westballz didn't even break a sweat.

Cover photo courtesy of Westballz