Smash Summit 5 has been gradually releasing Invitational videos for their upcoming tournament. The tournament organizers finished off their first category of invites by releasing three videos today, confirming that the rest of the Top 8 will be attending.

William "Leffen" Hjelte received the sixth invite to the summit. In the video, he says that the Summit series has always offered the best tournament experience in terms of entertainment, and practice against top players; he hopes to end Adam "Armada" Lingren's winning streak.

​​The next invite went to Zach "SFAT" Cordoni, who went all-out in his invitation video. He called out three players by placing a Pikachu plush, a Falco plush, and an onion inside of a trash can. 

Obviously, these represent Jeffrey "Axe" Williamson, Weston "Westballz" Dennis, and Daniel "Chudat" Rodriguez; the onion calling out Chudat for eating three raw onions on stream in order to make it to previous Smash Summits.

The final invite of the Top 8 is Axe himself, who walks off of the screen while holding a slice of pizza after announcing he was invited to Summit. This is in reference to one of Axe's reactions to a match at a previous Smash Summit, where one of the most well-known combos of all time left Axe dazed and confused with pizza in his hand.

These three players are no strangers to the Summit series, as all have previously participated and there was almost no chance of any player not getting in. However, no one could have predicted the trash talk and the hilarious references put into their announcement videos.

Smash Summit 5 will take place November 2 to November 5, after the wild card spots and fan-favorite players receive their invitations by October.

cover photo courtesy of Smash Summit