The Melee Competition Committee has been criticized this week for its lack of a female representative in either of its panels, despite deciding on sweeping changes that affect the whole community. 

The Leadership Panel consists of five TOs, while the At-Large panel of 25 members of the Melee community; recently, Adam "Armada" Lingren relinquished his seat in order to allow a female member onto the committee.

MeleeItOnMe responded to recent calls for better community representation by clarifying their aims and goals as a committee. In this post, they write:

"The purpose of the Competition Committee has always been and will continue to be, to collaborate on a recommended Melee ruleset whose scope is about gameplay rules only. Informally speaking, it’s just about what happens between sitting down and plugging your controller in, and getting up from the station after the set is over..."

The statement basically reads that players should not expect the committee to discuss player conduct or etiquette; instead, the committee's scope is only within the technical aspects of the game.

"The 25 were selected based on their expertise with competitive Melee as players and influencers, and not on their knowledge of player conduct."

It should be noted that the committee had already invited female members of the community, including Emily Sun (co-founder of Smash Sisters) to take part, but that they initially declined the offer. It was only when Armada decided to leave the committee that the issue resurfaced and Emily agreed to join the committee.

While some have taken this statement as a reasonable explanation of the committee's true scope,  =top players like Rishi "Rishi" Malhotra see it as backpedaling from their initial aim. Regardless, the committee should release an official statement soon given the recent backlash.

cover photo courtesy of Twitlonger