5 Best Mei Cosplays

Mei cosplayers might be a bit of a scarcity, considering her costume is rather large and may easily become too hot for cosplayers to walk around in at a convention. However, there definitely are people who show love to Overwatch's adorable scientist and bring her to life. 

Here are five a-Mei-zing cosplayers!

5. Giwaku's Default Mei

Giwaku's Mei is positively radiant. This shot is taken outside with snow in her hand. There aren't many conventions that take place during the winter, so the chance for cosplayers to take shoots that involve snow are pretty much limited to when it snows near them. 

It's great to see a Mei cosplay that involves snow, considering Mei's entire kit is based off of snow and ice. 

Photo courtesy of Giwaku's Facebook

4. Aznproblem's Chang'e Mei

This cosplay came out beautifully. It's a skin that many Mei cosplayers don't seem to recreate, so it's wonderful to see someone do it justice. She even has her nails painted accordingly, and styled her wig perfectly for Mei. 

To complete the look, she has her own Endothermic Blaster, ready to freeze any Genjis running around.

Photo courtesy of Yinyue Photography

3. Spoon's Default Mei

This is such an adorable shot of an amazing Mei cosplay! What probably makes this shine is the ice cream in her hand as she poses for the camera. It's cute and Mei would definitely look as happy as Spoon does while enjoying a frozen treat. 

The detail on her outfit is outstanding - and seeing Mei's drone companion, Snowball, in the corner is a great addition. 

Photo courtesy of Spoon's Twitter

2. Sado's Luna Mei

Mei's Lunar New Year skin was one of the best from the event and it's great that there is someone who cosplayed it and really brought it to life. 

The clothes look beautiful and Sado chose the right color of red to compliment the gold on Mei's outfit. She also gives off such a great Mei expression in this photo, too! 

Photo courtesy of Sado's Twitter

1. Sasha's Default Mei

South Korean cosplayer Sasha pulls off a flawless Mei. 

Not only is the picture in such amazing quality, but you can tell that there was an incredible amount of time put into the making of this look - only the best materials were used. From the pose, the wig, and the addition of an icy background, it's clear this was a carefully created cosplay.

Photo courtesy of RZ Cos' Naver blog