CS:GO's SMGs Ranked From Worst to Best

CS:GO has many SMGs and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, in some cases, the weaknesses far outweigh the strengths. Let's take a look at each of them and examine how they fit within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

6. PP-Bizon

The PP-Bizon is a Russian-made sub-machine gun that has been in production since 1996. It costs $1400 in game, making it the fourth most expensive SMG you can buy. 

It features a 64-round magazine with 120 rounds of reserve ammo, which you're definitely going to need because this gun has horrible armor penetration. For example, a chest shot to an armored opponent does 11 damage. It also suffers from very low accuracy which, coupled with low damage, leaves this weapon at the bottom of our list. 

5. MP7

The MP7 is compact, yet heavy, and relatively expensive. Coming in at $1700, it's the fifth most expensive SMG you can buy. Like the Bizon, the MP7 suffers from low damage as well as low accuracy, however, it does fair better at distance with an accurate range of 14 meters (compared to the Bizons abysmal 10 meters). 

The MP7 is oddly heavy for its size though, reducing the players speed by 12 percent. This is slower than both the P90 and the UMP-45. 

4. P90

The P90 is a versatile weapon with a ludicrous price tag. 

With a price of $2,350 (and a kill reward of only $300), you really have to think about whether the gun is worth it. The P90 packs a 50 round magazine as well as two reserve clips, which, when paired with it's decent damage and high rate of fire, makes this a great weapon to run and gun with. 

However, the high price and low kill reward make the P90 a tough sell. 

3. MP9

The MP9 is essentially the MP7's younger, more athletic brother. Coming in at $1250, it's $500 less than the MP7 and is the third cheapest SMG you can buy. The MP9 is surprisingly accurate on the move, and the high rate of fire makes up for the mediocre damage output. 

Simply put, the MP9 is a great pick for CT eco rounds. 

2. MAC-10

The MAC-10 is the perfect choice for T-side eco rounds, with the low, low price of only $1,050. It's lightweight, with only a 4 percent reduction in player speed, and the incredibly high rate of fire is great for rushing sites. 

Plus, accuracy while moving is still very good which, again, makes this a great weapon to rush with. Overall, the MAC-10 is just a fantastic SMG for how cheap it is. 

1. UMP-45

Coming in at number one, the holy grail of SMGs, the UMP-45. 

This beast of a sub-machine gun costs only $1200, putting it right between the MAC-10 and MP9, however, it features much higher damage output and better accuracy at longer distances. 

The UMP is also relatively accurate on the move, which just adds to its versatility. Overall, the UMP-45 is the best SMG you could buy in most, if not all situations.