Hanzo is a polarizing character to have on your team. Occasionally, you'll be graced by the sniper god who's been playing CS:GO since it's beta and only plays Overwatch on the side because they think it's "cute." However, most of the time you're greeted with either a salty suitemate or a fellow who only can only get kills from scatter arrows. 

Some Hanzos, however, are capable of Evils unknown even to them.

Gudboi was anything but his namesake when sniping from the balcony over the second objective at Volskaya Industries. At first, Hanzo was doing a bang up job of keeping his opponents off the point, taking Zenyatta out of the picture moments after the highlight started.

However, his next kill was a bit less than graceful. Soon after the enemy support went down, a high-flying Junkrat came to rain on the sniper parade -- in the most literal of ways.

Hanzo took out Junkrat just as he passed over the balcony to attack the double sniper setup. His passive, however, still fell directly in the middle of not only himself and a friendly Widow, but of an unaware Mercy who took the comical blunt of the blow. 

As mayhem rained from above, Hanzo stood like a child before a broken vase in front of Mercy's now lifeless body. A tragic fate for everyone involved, let this be a message to those fighting flying rats: heads up!