Cloud9 are officially set for the upcoming Overwatch League., as they've acquired the entirety of KongDoo Panthera's Overwatch roster.

“KongDoo Panthera’s run in Season 3 was nothing short of incredible, and the skills and passion they displayed in the finals are going to be right at home with Cloud9," said Jack Etienne, co-founder, and CEO of Cloud9. "These guys are fierce competitors and I know they’re going to finish what they started, so we’re really excited for what’s to come.”

KongDoo Panthera has previously made it to the finals of OGN Overwatch APEX Season 3 and currently sit atop the standings of Season 4 with an undefeated record. Their acquisition will certainly bump up Cloud9's expected performance in the Overwatch League.

It has yet to be announced if Cloud9 will run the KongDoo roster or their current Overwatch roster in the Overwatch League, but it's likely that the KongDoo players will take top priority. This is a welcoming surprise and one that should be repeated soon by multiple teams. Now that the 12 cities have been locked, quite a few of them need to find rosters and some of the best talent is in Korea. 

Photo courtesy of Cloud9