5 Best LoL Charity Skins

League of Legends is a huge game throughout the world and makes tons of money by selling purchasable skins in the shop. Not a lot of people know that the money earned from some of these skins go towards charity.

Listed below are the five best League of Legends charity skins.

5. Nurse Akali

Back when Japan had devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, Red Cross was helping Japan get back on its feet. Riot Games also lent a Red Cross a hand in its relief services. The sales proceeds from the champion, Akali, and her Nurse Akali skin all went to aid relief efforts. 

4. Jaximus

Jaximus was a skin that was well loved by summoner Joe, who had been battling Ewing's Sarcoma. Riot Games worked with Make-A-Wish foundation to allow for Joe and his father to visit their Santa Monica HQ to spend the day. 

Riot Games was inspired by Joe's story and decided to donate all of the earnings from the champion, Jax, and his Jaximus skin to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

3. Championship Ashe

Released this year with the 2017 World Championship coming up was the Championship Ashe skin. Each year Riot Games releases a Championship skin, but this year some of the proceeds  of the Championship Ashe skin will be going to to three global charities (BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, and The Raspberry Pi Foundation).

2. Cosmic Reaver Kassadin

The Cosmic Reaver skin was inspired by the Southern Cross and communities in the Oceania region all respect the cross. After releasing the skin, Riot Games gave all of the revenue gained from Cosmic Reaver Kassadin launch to Oceania's Medical Services/Research.

1. Urf the Manatee

Riot Games released a fun game mode on April's Fools day a while back called Ultra Rapid Fire (URF). During this game mode, Riot Games teased players with the story of Urf the Manatee, leaving players hopeful they would be able to play the champion.

However, Urf the Manatee was slain and Riot Games decided to release a skin to honor him. All the proceeds from the Urf the Manatee skin was given to Save the Manatee club to help save and raise awareness of manatees.

Images courtesy of Riot Games