​After the 2017 World Championship ends, League of Legends will be ending Season 7 and getting ready for Season 8. Developers at Riot Games have already mentioned plenty of upcoming changes for next season in their ​YouTube video.

The biggest change that is going to happen during the preseason is the introduction of new runes. Instead of having runes and masteries, League of Legends is going to combine the two into a new rune system. 

Riot Games posted an ​article where it introduces the new rune system to the players so they can have a taste of how the new runes will work.

There will be five rune build paths (Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, Inspiration) and each path will have powerful runes known as keystones. The new Runes Reforged will allow players to specialize champion abilities to their liking.

The article mentioned the leveling aspect where players will now be able to go past level 30. Instead of getting IP after leveling up, players will now receive a chest that contains special usable items. 

Looking at the preseason update, I am excited to see how the new Runes Reforged will work!

Image courtesy of League of Legends