The 5 Best Ward Skins in League of Legends

Wards are the bedrock of teamwork in League of Legends. Over the years, Riot has released a cluster of wards skins every year. So when you're pinging your support to ward the river, they can do it with style using these five amazing ward skins. 

5. Battlecast Poro

Somehow looking both cute and menacing, the Battlecast Poro skin is part of a fan-favorite skin theme. This ward's crimson eyes peer through the bushes of the map to scare off anyone who dares to be seen by its caster (only for a moment, though).

4. Urf Triumphant

This ward skin blessed us with its vision as it was added on April Fool's day, one year. This gank-guarding manatee shall show you the way with its beefy design. This is definitely a skin you don't want to ignore, since Ultra Rapid Fire rotates into the game modes every so often.

3. Armordillo Ward

This cute little golden Rammus is a dream come true. Its counterpart is the Sad Mummy skin which is a crying Amumu. This skin was part of the Ascension event and is fondly remembered. Rammus may not be the most popular or OP tank, but he sure is cute as a ward. 

2. Mother Serpent

Released during the Bilgewater lore event, this awesome skin makes you feel like member of Gangplank's crew. Luckily, it can be obtained through the hextech chests. This ward is definitely worth the many failed attempts of getting an S or higher.

1. Riggle

You may not believe it, but Riggle was even cuter as a baby. This small dragon is the partner of Dragon Trainer Tristana. Riggle is definitely one of the most unique ward skins in the game. Use him to kill the enemy champs with cuteness. 

This collection of ward skins contains some beautiful vision-amplifiers. Some of these can be obtained through the hextech chests, as stated before. So when you feel like not getting ganked, you better pick these up in the shop.