The Top 5 Decks in the Current Meta

The meta is always in flux especially after a new expansion was released. Most players have found their niche and the pros have found the most proficient decks. Let's take a look at the top five decks in Hearthstone. 

5. Midrange "Murloc" Paladin

Paladin has been hovering around tier 2 for a long time now, with Midrange Pally being a deck that is both ladder and competitively viable. Despite nerfs to Murloc Warleader, Murlocs continue to be good for the class, which has two good Murloc class cards in Vilefin Inquisitor and Hydrologist. The first lets you always generate Murlocs with your Hero Power, while the second gives you cheap card generation.

4. Jade Druid

With the most recent nerf to innervate, Jade Druid has slowly come back into line with other top tier decks. Now it has the traditional weaknesses of ramp decks: the ability to run out of steam and a poor defense. 

Most Druids have cut innervate from their deck, which eliminates a lot of early game consistency. Combined with the new cost of six mana for Spreading Plague, aggro and midrange decks have arisen to take back the ladder from our Jade overlords.

3. Midrange Hunter

One such aggro deck that has risen to prominence is Midrange Hunter. Popularized by streamer Christoffer "Asmodai" Stub, the deck excels in making relatively cheap threats, which can be game ending when combined with Kill Command and the hunter hero power. The top of its curve is two Bittertide Hydras and two Savannah Highmanes, giving you plenty of potential to go face.

2. Tempo Rogue

One of the most powerful things a deck can do in is to have a highroll condition, where a certain draw almost guarantees victory. With Tempo Rogue, the presence of shadowstep and some random card generation allows for all kinds of crazy board swings, either by replaying Prince Keleseth to buff your entire deck again, or by stealing a fireball from mage, or even by making an absurdly large Edwin VanCleef. 

Tempo Rogue can quickly spiral the board out of control, making it extremely powerful against control and aggro alike.

1. Raza Priest

Of course, why only have highroll potential when you can also have consistency? It may sound silly for a highlander deck to be consistent when you can only run one of every card, but for most Raza Priests, about one third of the deck is designed to draw you to your win conditions: Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin.  

From there, you simply chain spells together, using your 0 cost hero power to ping down your opponent or their board. Occasionally, it is possible for one of your combo pieces to be at the bottom of your deck, but Priest has plenty of removal to protect itself until they are found.

Images Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment