​On Feb. 20th, 2017, Moonduck Studios announced that they would be running a Midas Mode tournament. Midas Mode was a game mode that was created by the Moonduck team with Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner seemingly heading up the project. On Monday, October 2, more information was finally released about the highly anticipated tournament.

With this announcement, we finally know when the tournament will be taking place and who will be competing in it. The tournament will run from November 18-28 and the organizers did not skimp on the talent.

From Europe, fans will be able to see the most recent TI winners, Team Liquid, head into the tournament alongside OG, Na'Vi, and Mid or Feed. 

On the North American side of things, newly formed OpTic Gaming and Immortals will be joining veterans Evil Geniuses and Digital Chaos. Landing these legendary teams must have been extremely difficult, especially with so many tournaments that offer TI qualifying points going in during the time of the tournament.

This tournament has been something the community has been excited for ever since the announcement. 

With the news that such amazing teams will be competing in the tournament, Midas Mode is poised to become one of the best tournaments of the year. The goofy game mode promises to bring many interesting team comps out, along with the community created bounty system offering amazing viewer engagement. 

Hopefully this tournament will bring many more like it after it is over.

Photo courtesy of GosuGamers