Now that Michael "shroud" Grzesiek has become a full-time streamer, he pumps out a regular amount of highlights that always draw a lot of attention from Reddit. Whenever he loads into a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game it is almost assured that an insane clip will come out of it. Even if he has barely any health left, he can still devastate teams.

​​This clip was posted by Reddit user toastershitposter and features shroud engaged by multiple teams at low health. He is just about as low as someone can be without going down, but he goes on to prove that this does not matter. Tapping away with his trusty Scar-L, he manages to wipe out the first team who do not seem to be paying him any mind. Just as he thinks he is safe, a car rolls up.

With no time to spare he finds cover behind a rock and goes to work with his Scar-L and SKS. The two players know precisely where he is and still do not manage to land a shot on him before he puts them down.

This clip just goes to show that even with little health, good aim and a little luck go a long way in PUBG. It also reminds players to get a full survey of their surroundings before attempting to take down an enemy lest this happen to them.