​A new patch is set to hit the Dota 2 client, bringing along changes and improvements to make every Dota 2 player happy. 

Reddit user SirBelvedere ​posts a breakdown of each patch as they come, analyzing the various changes that will be coming to the client. With the latest update, we will see an old bug finally be removed from the game.

The bug that is being fixed is the Phantom Rush bug, which has supposedly​ been around since 2014. What the bug does is when a player is playing Phantom Lancer, the player can cast the mobility skill Phantom Rush. 

During the start of the Phantom Rush animation, if the player uses a Tango or Quelling Blade on a tree, the player will zoom to the tree. The bug can be a bit hard to do, but for pro players they can do the quick inputs with ease.

​​Not everyone is happy about the bug being removed. Since it has been in Dota for so long, it has become a part of the game, and many simply view it as a feature of the ability now. But even though it may have taken Valve a while to fix it, a bug is still a bug and this one needed to be fixed.

Photo courtesy of DOTAFire