All Ahri Skins Ranked From Worst to Best

Ahri is a champion that most League players have a love-hate relationship with: she's great to have on your team because she can charm your enemies into oblivion, but when she's on the enemy team, let's just say it's not as much fun. 

However, what might be considered one of the most fun parts about this champion is the number and variety of skins that have come out for her within the years since her release. Some of these look fantastic whereas others...maybe not so much. Here's a list ranking all Ahri skins available in shop from least to most enchanting.

8. Dynasty

Dynasty Ahri is potentially the least exciting skin out of all Ahri skins put out by far. Released alongside the actual champion and the next skin listed, Midnight Ahri, this skin is only mildly interesting because of how weirdly traditional Ahri looks when using it. 

In fact, the only thing that's an even bigger mystery than how this skin costs more than Midnight Ahri is exactly what is in Ahri's hair. Really though, what is that?

7. Midnight

What could be considered a sister skin to Foxfire Ahri since they were released at the same time within December 2011, is Midnight Ahri, coming into this list as only the second worst skin to grace the rift for this champ. 

Entirely blue and dressed in clothes that make her look like she's about to head into the heart of a snowstorm, Ahri's usual shine is dulled by the lack of engaging colors or skin design that have yet to be seen in any game played with this skin. Even though it only costs around 750 RP, it still doesn't seem like a skin worth any amount of your money.

6. Foxfire

Released in the summer of 2012, this skin is the one that probably shows an appearance closest to Ahri's truest form. After all, she is a nine-tailed fox, and this skin allows its summoner to flaunt that exact fact when in game. 

With fire on her tails and on her trail, Foxfire Ahri sets opponents ablaze with something a little more exciting than her other older Ahri skin counterparts. This skin is priced at 975 RP.

5. Academy

A part of the Academy series of skins, Academy Ahri was released in August 2015, giving Ahri a fresher, younger look than the community had really seen her in before. 

Surrounded by Ekko, Vladimir and Darius, who all wear uniforms of the same school Ahri's own is from, Ahri seems to stay true to her character, all flippant and cool as she stands in seemingly in her own little world, even at school. At 750 RP, the price for this skin is more than likely less than the poro bag she dons and the phone she's scrolling through.

4. Arcade

Arcade Ahri hit the rift just last year in August of 2016, ready to do some in-game battle. Alongside champs like Miss Fortune and Veigar, Ahri definitely isn't the only one who has an Arcade skin, but hers is definitely one of the ones most fun to play with, and definitely one of the jazziest. 

With nine tails that constantly change colors, taunts paired with classic game-esque music, and a backing animation that shows her raging against the machine, this skin is definitely worth the 1350 RP you have to pay to wear it.

3. Challenger

Coming in at number three on this list is Challenger Ahri, a legacy skin released mid-January 2015. 

While it's not nearly as much of a spectacle as some of the other skins on this list, there's something about this skin, something that one can't quite place their finger on, that makes Ahri look incredibly intimidating and elegant, as though she's ready to dominate the tops of the charts in the professional League scene. This skin is priced at 975 RP.

2. Popstar

Released in November of 2013, this might have been the fourth Ahri skin to come out, but it's definitely still a fan favorite even in this current League season. Her tails and orb leave sparkles and music notes in their wakes respectively, and her backing animation involves her dancing in sync with some pop music, even a crowd's cheering and applause being heard at the end of the sequence. 

Not to mention, as in true pop star fashion, Ahri wears a stage outfit reminiscent of those popular among Korean girl groups. The skin price? 975 RP. The stardom that comes with it? Priceless.

1. Star Guardian

Last, but definitely not the least is Star Guardian Ahri, which potentially is the skin that was the most highly anticipated of all of those made for our favorite nine-tailed fox. Released early September 2017 and with a backing animation highly reminiscent of a Sailor Moon transformation sequence, this skin gives Ahri all the sound effects, glow and cute animal sidekicks a magical girl could ever want for.