Every year around October, Riot Games releases a skin lineup for Halloween for the Harrowing event. The skins for the champions in the Harrowing event made them look as if they were dressed in a certain costume. 

The Harrowing event is huge among the League community and garners a lot of popularity. As Halloween comes closer, players everywhere are excited to see what spooky skins are going to be made.


Posted today on the Italian League of Legends Facebook page is a short video teasing us of one of the potential Harrowing skins. 

​​One champion that will be taking part in this year's Harrowing event will be Viktor. As seen in the video, Viktor's skin makes him look super evil. All of his abilities have been customized to be spookier, with all the blue and white colors. 

The translation in this post also mentions there will be two more appearances for the Harrowing event. 

Who can be the other two champions that will receive skins?

Either way, players better use their money on these Harrowing skins and not on candy!

Image courtesy of League of Legends - Italia