All New Skins From Overwatch Halloween Event 2017

​This year's Halloween Event is back, and with every new event comes new amazing skins! 

Check out the brand new skins that dropped for the 2017 Halloween Event!

8. Vikingo (Torbjorn)

Torbjorn pays tribute to his Swedish heritage with this Viking costume.

7. Van Helsing (McCree)

McCree becomes the vampire hunter with this Van Helsing costume.

6. Corsaria (Ana)

Ana gets a sweet pirate costume with the helping hand of a cute little parrot on her shoulder.

5. Dragona (Symmetra)

Symmetra gets a "dragon" like costume with her new skin.

4. Jiangshi (Mei)

Mei becomes a Chinese "hopping" vampire with her Jiangshi costume!

3. Ochantera (Zarya)

Zarya "gets physical" with her new workout costume.

2. Sectario (Zenyatta)

Zenyatta gets a "Cthulhu" themed skin with his octopus like face.

1. Dracula (Reaper)

Reaper is back with a creepy Dracula themed costume for this years Halloween event.