​Riot Games has been teasing us with plenty of new content, from the Super Galaxy skins to the Evelynn rework. Finally, the time has come where all of this comes to fruition. 

Riot Games has released the patch notes for 7.20 and you can read them ​here.


The biggest focus in this patch has to be on Evelynn. With the various video releases and skin updates, Evelynn looks to make her appearance (or disappearance) onto the Rift. 

​​Another champion that is receiving something new is Brand. His passive now gains him mana each time he kills an Ablaze unit. 

Other champions that will be addressed in this patch are: Graves, Karma, Ornn, Tahm Kench, and Janna. 


The main focus for items in this patch is on Sterak's Gage. Instead of being an item for any champion, Sterak's Gage can now only be purchased by melee champions. As a result, the base percent base attack damage has increased, along with a health increase.

Other items that will be addressed this patch are: Jaurim's Fist, Ancient Coin, and Spellthief"s Edge.


A brand new addition to the game is emotes. For now, there is not much additional information about emotes, so stay tuned for that. 

What we do know is that everyone gets a free Thumbs Up emote to celebrate the launch.

Rotating Game Mode

The next game mode will be Dark Star: Singularity. Play as Thresh and hook & flay enemies into the black hole for points.


Upcoming Skins

Beekeeper Singed is finally released in this patch after being delayed. The Super Galaxy skin line will also be released in this patch.


Players can go crazy and spend their money to buy these amazing new skins.

Images courtesy of League of Legends