Every New Victory Pose From Overwatch Halloween Event 2017

There's nothing like some sweet victory poses to show off after a victory! Check out the new Halloween victory poses Overwatch has in store for everyone.

6. Pumpkinette (Sombra)

Sombra uses her powers to make a pumpkin levitate with this victory pose!

5. Pumpkin (Tracer)

Tracer could possiblely have a pulse bomb ready in her pumpkin!

4. Pumpkin Head (Orisa)

Orisa does her best Reaper "Pumpkin" skin impersonation.

3. Pumpkin Control (Lucio)

Lucio uses his soccer tricks to juggle a pumpkin!

2. Skewered (Hanzo)

Some say Hanzo isn't a fan of pumpkins.

1. Pumpkin (Junkrat)

Nothing like a pumpkin on a rip tire!