If you remember the amazing edit of all Talon members wearing Widowmaker's outfit, then you'll be pleased to know that artist has returned with some more skin swaps. This time, Symmetra and McCree get a new outfit change.

Symmetra takes on the duty of vampire hunter in McCree's Van Helsing skin. This skin was made available when Halloween Terror event went live in Overwatch

You can see that Van Helsing Symmetra has a crossbow instead of her terrifying Photon Projector. I'm not sure if this is the Symmetra nerf people might be looking for, but she looks great with it.

McCree gets Symmetra's Dragon skin, named Incubus in this edit. And, let's be real, with the way McCree looks in this skin, calling him an Incubus is believable. The Reddit thread that the artist had also posted these pictures on also mentions that "Flashbang is replaced with Seduce. Flirts with a target to stun them with infatuation." Also McCree crumbles to ashes upon death, which is pretty creative.

Higher resolution photos of McCree can be seen in this Imgur album, while pictures of Symmetra can be viewed in this album, with a few different types of sunglasses.

I'm not sure about everyone else, but if both these skins were in the game I'd have a hard time paying attention to anything other than the skins.

Cover photo courtesy of Loudwindow