5 Champions in Need of Buffs

League of Legends always has a number of champions that are out of the meta, but then there are a number of champions that is just unplayable, here's five champion we think are in dire need of a buff. 

5. Heimerdinger

The donger is a pretty niche pick; some players even hit high Elo just playing heimerdinger, such as Hiesendong. In the current meta, Heimerdinger doesn't feel right to play at all, if you lock him in it feels like you're already at a disadvantage. 

When laning against melee champions you should have the upper hand, but assassins can just one shot you before you could even place down your ultimate turret. 

4. Udyr

Udyr sits in the same bin as Volibear. He has good jungle clear, but when it comes to ganking, he has nothing to offer but a bear slap, if he can get in range that is. Another issue he has is his mana cost and mana pool, to fully get the use of you passive you need to use three stances which already costs close to half of your mana pool. 

It's either you donate your blue for your mid laner, or take it and hopefully get a successful gank. I'd suggest cutting down mana cost, or buffing his mana regeneration and mana pool. Another suggestion is to give Udyr another way to pull off successful ganks besides flashing and bear slapping.

3. Volibear

Volibear has basically been MIA for the entirety of the season. According to Op.gg, Volibear sits at a .57% pick rate in the jungle. Volibear has a decent jungle clear, but once he tries to gank it will most likely fail. He is easily countered in many matchups, and can't gank effectively due to most of the champions in the current meta have a way to stop him. 

Volibear is overall just an outdated champ, and probably should be in line for a complete rework. 

2. Illaoi

Illaoi has never gotten any love from Riot, no skins, no buffs, no nothing. Illaoi has so much potential in the top lane, she does a decent amount of damage but a lot of it relies on her tentacles landing their slaps. The thing is, is that their so easy to dodge, the only way to effectively hit the target is to spawn a number of tentacles where it gets too hectic for them to dodge. 

Have her tentacles attack faster, or make her abilities scale better later in the game. 

1. Aatrox

Aatrox actually received a buff recently but its still not enough to make Aatrox a relative champion in the game. Most players forget their team even has an Aatrox until they are reminded how fed the opposing mid laner is. 

It's almost as if picking Aatrox sets you up to fail. I think they should revert the way his passive works, sometimes I have no idea that his passive will proc or not. Also giving Aatrox a bit of resistance wouldn't hurt too much, he's too squishy right now.