The Perfect Team to Beat Junkenstein Endless With on Any Difficulty

With any event in Overwatch comes a game mode filled with achievements. This year's Halloween Terror game mode brings us four brand new achievements to grind out and three of them have to do with the new Junkerstein Endless mode. 

To help you attain the achievements, here are the four heroes that give you the best chance in beating the game mode!

4. McCree

The simplest way to put it is that McCree can do some massive headshot damage with his revolver, and his Fan of Hammer is actually useful for once against the Zombnics.

His "High Noon" can be used to whip out a large amount of enemies at once.

His Combat Roll can get him out of any sticky situations, while giving him a fresh round of shots to put in some enemies.

3. Soldier: 76

Just like being viable in all team comps in any mode in Overwatch, Soldier: 76 is key to any team in Junkenstein Endless.

Having his own healing station and being able to provide long-range constant damage at the same time makes him a great hero to use in the game mode.

His ultimate also allows him to take down a lot of enemies in a short amount of time with minimal aiming.

2. Ana

Now there is a debate on which healer is best for the Halloween based event, but with the right aim, Ana is the choice to go with. 

Yes, Zenyatta can provide the best healing with his orbs, without requiring much aim.However, Ana will likely have a better impact in defeating the boss.

Her Bionic Grenade makes any Frankenstein Roadhog look stupid by not allowing him to heal at all, which is crucial when you consider his Take a Breather ability and "The Witch" giving him massive amounts of health while dealing lots of health.

Also if you are smart, Sleep Darting any boss can help the team focus on other enemies while they take a sweet sweet nap.

1. Torbjorn

Torbjorn might be hands down the more important hero to play in the Junkenstein Endless mode. His turret alone can provide another source of attack against the in-coming horde, and his ultimate can be generated pretty quick.

His Molten Core ability combined with a level three turret can rip through enemy bosses, so being able to muster up an ultimate in a quick amount of time is key.

It also helps that there is a great ledge for Torb to place his turret to the right of the door, so this makes the Swedish dwarf a great pick for the Junkenstein.