Week 2 of the Group Stage at the 2017 LoL World Championship has kicked off and we are slowly approaching the quarterfinals. Group B took the stage earlier today to find out which teams deserve to advance to the next stage in Guangzhou. 


Immortals 0-1 GIGABYTE Marines

Longzhu Gaming 1-0 Fnatic

Fnatic 1-0 Immortals

GIGABYTE Marines 0-1 Longzhu Gaming

Fnatic 1-0 GIGABYTE Marines

Longzhu 1-0 Immortals


Fnatic 1-0 Immortals

GIGABYTE Marines  0-1 Fnatic

The Marines Shake Things Up

With their win against Immortals, every team was eligible to advance. If Immortals took the game off GAM and FNC, they would have made it to the quarterfinals. Immortals had a couple of hiccups during the mid to late game. 

GAM's decision of picking Urgot surely took Immortals by surprise and they couldn't handle it at all. Trần "Archie" Minh Nhựt and Đỗ "Levi" Duy Khánh stepped it up this game and blew the door open for Group B.

Longzhu's Amazing Comeback

GAM had an incredibly convincing lead over the number one seed from Korea. GAM took out two of Longzhu's inhibitors securing a solid 12,000 gold lead with seven towers while Longzhu sat with one. 

Then, Longzhu bit back. Team fight after team fight, Longzhu kept coming out on top after extremely nail biting fights. Kim "PraY" Jong-In played like an absolute monster to come back in this game. His perfect positioning and mechanics locked in Longzhu for first seed in Group B. 

Fnatic Prevailed

Fnatic had a tough first week, dropping every single game. Then, they kicked it into overdrive. Against all odds, Fnatic took out the Marines and Immortals, only dropping a game against Longzhu. 

With the rest of the results, this forced a three-way tiebreaker. Fnatic had to defeat Immortals and the Marines again to advance to the quarterfinals.

They managed to end Week 2 with a 4-1 record, securing the last spot in Group B.

Longzhu and Fnatic will continue to represent their respective regions and fight for the Summoner's Cup. For the Marines and Immortals, we must say goodbye to them.

Week 2 just started and it's already heating up. Get ready to see which teams will make it out of Group C next!

Photos courtesy of Riot Games Flickr