The playoffs for the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier are in full swing and the quarterfinals saw 2-0 sweeps across the board to set up some tasty semifinal matches. The first of those being a heavyweight battle between North American fan favorites Cloud9 and Danish powerhouse Astralis. 

Cloud9 are coming off of a huge win against G2 Esports in their quarterfinal match, while Astralis took down Fnatic in a dominating performance. ​The two sides will meet on Oct. 12 in the first semifinal match.

Matchup to Watch

Cloud9's Tarik "tarik" Celik and Astralis' Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen will definitely be the players to keep an eye on in this match. Tarik led his teammates with an impressive 95.9 ADR, while dupreeh dominated Fnatic, posting a score of 59-21. 

Both teams have shown they have firepower, so it'll be an interesting clash to see who comes out on top. 


Most likely, it'll be Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen. The guy is simply a monster and that showed in Astralis' quarterfinal match against Fnatic. He put up a monstrous 1.88 rating for the series and just would not go down. He'll be a fun player to keep an eye out for throughout the rest of these playoffs.

Not to mention, he has that clutch factor. 


Astralis should take it. Cloud9 have shown they can compete by making runs in tournaments such as ESL One New York and now the ELEAGUE Premier, but Astralis just has too much firepower for Cloud9 to handle. 

The series won't be a clean sweep, but Astralis will win 2-1, taking the two maps with ease. The only map C9 will win will be a hard-fought overtime victory. Sorry NA fans, the Danes are heading to the finals.

Cover photo courtesy of CS:GO VODS