​Now that ​The International Battle Pass has fallen by the wayside and the chat wheel has gone silent, players are left to wonder when a new battle pass will be released. 

With the new look Dota 2 Pro Circuit being announced for this season, their are now eleven Majors that will happen before the next TI. This is far too many to expect a Battle Pass for each and every Major. V

alve will now have to pick and choose which event gets the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is something every player can look forward to, as they bring so much added content to the game. 

Since there is no gameplay update in sight, the next Battle Pass that will most likely hit the game will not be until the winter Battle Pass. With the next major taking place on Oct. 26-29 according to ​the FAQ, one would assume that if a Battle Pass were to be coming with the Major, word would have already been sent around. 

But due to Valve's radio silence on the topic, all that players can do is wait patiently for the next update.

Photo courtesy of Dota2