​Nearly every single person who has ever played League of Legends for even a modicum of time has experienced the frustration of not being able to cast abilities or use summoner spells due to them being in the middle of communicating (positively or negatively) with their team. 

In response to this, Riot developed a brand new emote system which functions similar to pings. You press the bound key (T by default) and a wheel opens up allowing players to select an emote in order to uniquely express themselves.

While this sounds like an amazing improvement to in-game communication, not everyone is pleased with the pricing of emotes.


Since League of Legends is free to play, Riot generates the majority of its revenue through micro-transactions. This model results in a large player base, but also leads to the occasional overpricing of items in the store which Riot has been accused of many times in the past. 

Many players agree that emotes should be able to be purchased with Orange Essence or be available as mission rewards in addition to being purchasable with Riot Points. 

They are not flashy or impactful enough to be worth more than fairly priced, yet useful items in the store such as chests and keys.