​The Smash Summit 5 voting period began last week and the Smashers of the lowest votes are already being taken out of the pool. The Summit has a process before the event where donors pay to earn votes, which they place on the Smashers they want in the tournament. 

Unfortunately, sometimes some competitors end up lagging behind in votes. 

​​Among the pros eliminated was Weston "Westballz" Dennis. The famous Falco player is known for the amazing amount of inputs he puts in during gameplay. 

Reddit user RedditMatthew said that "no one is safe." This is true, as many players don't get into Summit because of how difficult it is to be placed in the tournament. You have to be extremely popular with a lively fanbase in order to get a spot in the Smash Summit.

​The voting process is truly grueling as we see favorites like Westballz lose their place within competitions. Hopefully we won't have many more heartbreaks like this one.