Schalke04 Esports have bolstered their front office and made adjustments to their League of Legends team all in one day. The team have added Hans Christian Dürr and Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels to become the team's Head of Esports and Head Coach.

​​Tim Reichert, Schalke’s former Head of Esports, will step down to a more supporting role and will be responsible for the strategic section of the division.

Krepo recently took a break from esports, specifically his casting duties and will now be taking on the role of Head Coach. This will be his first time since leaving Elements in 2015 that he'll be taking an active role on a team.

For Hans Christian Dürr, he set the tone for what he expects from the organization moving forward in a press release from the Schalke04 Esports website

"The Schalke management and I are aligned on common goals going into the 2018 Season: We are working on the very foundation on how we are going to lead our teams to success, emphasizing the importance of a professionally structured training environment and infrastructure for our professional players and staff, as well as creating a value-oriented culture within FC Schalke 04 Esports. We believe in Europe and will continue to support ongoing efforts to further professionalize esports especially in Germany."

Fans should expect more news regarding the team itself as the new season of League of Legends approaches.