Kephrii Releases Public Apology Regarding His Actions

Earlier on Twitter today, Brian "Kephrii" St. Pierre publicly apologized about his cheating actions towards his wife, Devyn, and his female Twitch channel moderators.

A few hours before Kephrii released his apology, Kaboomz, one of his Twitch channel moderators, ​posted private Discord direct messages and group messages that were sent between Kephrii and a few of his female moderators. The messages consisted of Kephrii's sexual talk and the moderators' discomfort with his comments.

However, the group messages sent between the moderators indicate that they actively participated and were not forced to by Kephrii. 

Although there were no mentions of blackmail or threats from Kephrii, some of the moderators did feel uncomfortable as one of them said to "tell him that [she's] 16 and [she's] calling the cops." 

This comment has been quickly clarified by Kaboomz as none of the female moderators were underage. 

In his tweet, Kephrii apologizes for his selfish actions towards his moderators and wife. Since this was an issue that occurred months ago, Kephrii has settled his matter in private with his wife and the other individuals involved. He also asks for those following this situation to be respectful of his privacy and relationship with his wife.