6 Champions That Should Counter Zoe

With Zoe being the next mage to join the League of Legends, it's important to theorize some counters since everyone will be trying to play with her right on release. Here are six champions who will probably have great success against Zoe.

6. Yasuo

In the Yasuo match-up, Zoe may find herself struggling to even hit him with any damage other then her auto attacks considering the high amount of mobility he has. Also with his wind wall he may not even need to dodge her bubble which will allow him to pounce on Zoe when ready without hesitation.

5. Viktor

Viktor's long range poke and shield maybe be difficult for Zoe to handle pre-level six. Without any jumps early game, Zoe will be food for a half decent Viktor in lane. Also post-mid level 11, Viktor's high damage burst leads to some devastating insta-kills if he manages to get in-range of her.

4. Malzahar

Target on crowd control and high burst seem to be the best way to deal with Zoe and Malzahar has both of these traits. Also, he may be the one of the only champions to reliably one versus one Zoe post level six with his target on ultimate. As long as he can dodge Zoe's hard crowd control, Malzahar in theory, should destroy Zoe.

3. Twisted Fate

In a Twisted Fate match up, Zoe may find herself struggling in similar ways to Ahri. Twisted Fate has the power to control the engagement considering if Zoe or Ahri walks up to shoot a bubble or charm, he should be able to dodge and counter with his own target on stun. Twisted Fate's ability to roam is much stronger then Zoe so she may find herself struggling just to keep up.

2. Fizz

While pre level six Fizz may struggle a bit in lane, his ability to reliably dodge Zoe's bubble may be invaluable when trying to burst her down. Zoe seems like she will struggle to deal with champions who have managed to close the gap which is in-turn where Fizz excels. 

1. Zed

Zed, while may not have any target on crowd control, has a plethora of jumps and high damage. Zed reliably can one shot kill Zoe while also avoiding her Bubbles in a one vs. one engagement. Even post level six where Zoe will have her jump, Zed's ultimate should even follow her when she returns to her starting position.