Ever since Smash Summit 5, William "Leffen" Hjelte and Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma have displayed unusual animosity toward one another. While the two have never exactly been friends, this newest feud has taken things to the next level.

It began when Hungrybox called out Leffen on his celebration stream for talking smack and being unable to back it up in-game. Leffen quickly responded on Twitter, saying not just that Hbox's days at the top were numbered, but that his win didn't make up for what Leffen called his "awful off-camera personality."

The next round of jabs came when Leffen again insulted Hbox, this time for not hanging out with people at Smash Summit 5. Hungrybox responded by saying, "It was very hard to steer clear of your bullshit but I managed to pull it off. You'll learn good spacing eventually too."

Leffen responded with further insults, calling Hungrybox a liar and reaffirming that no top players like him. The Swede even went so far as to say the other top players said the same things about Hungrybox behind his back but were too afraid to step forward and support Leffen's comments.

Before Hungrybox could respond, Leffen deleted all the Tweets involved and stated he wanted to distance himself from the whole feud. To that end, he has blocked Hungrybox on Twitter and proclaimed that "wholesome leff is starting now." Hbox claimed the last word when he posted a screenshot of a page showing Leffen had blocked him.

With Hungrybox blocked, the Twitter phase of this feud seems to have come to a close. However, it's hard to imagine nothing more will come of it. Make sure to keep an eye out for sets between these two players, as the drama may continue to unfold in the coming months.