Being called a one-trick is probably the number one insult someone can throw at you in a game in Overwatch. And it's hard to hear the word "one-trick" without instantly imagining "Mercy" preceding it. But other one-tricks exist, and it looks like Blizzard may be taking the first steps to punishing people who refuse to swap off a hero.

After a game of ranked ended in a draw, Reddit user XulHearthstone says that their Overwatch account suddenly ​received a ban. They contacted Blizzard in order to get more information and found out that one-tricking is now a punishable offense. 

The response from the customer service representative said that if a team is asking you to swap from a hero, and you stay on that character regardless of the team composition and if "they cannot accommodate you to your play-style, then the reports are justified."

XulHearthstone explained that they aren't good at other heroes, nor do they find any other hero's gameplay as fun as they find Torbjörn. They said that their skills as Torbjörn and any other hero are so drastic, that it would be better to stay on Torbjörn and play at a Master skill level than switch from him and onto a hero they cannot perform as well on.

Exclusively one-tricking a hero is not a justifiable cause to be reported or to have your account suspended. Refusing to switch from a hero in competitive, however, makes more sense. Not being able to comply with the requests from your team, especially if your hero choice is just not working, can ruin an enjoyable gameplay experience. And no one likes losing.

On the other hand, if there are no other heroes you can switch to, what else can you do as a player?

If Blizzard continues to enforce this rule and ban accounts who refuse to switch from a hero, it will definitely cause an issue for a number of "one-trick" players.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment