Banning is a way that Blizzard does its best to keep the ranks of competitive Overwatch free of toxicity, but the community believes that the ban system has gone too far when it comes to one trick ponies.

Fuey500, the number one ranked Torbjorn player in the world, was banned yesterday for "disruptive gameplay" with many pointing that to him being a one trick pony with Torbjorn was the gameplay being reported on.

The one trick pony argument is one of the biggest topics in the Overwatch community, as one side believes that players should be able to play any hero they want to, especially if they are very talented with the hero and have a high win rate with the character. 

Then there is the other side that argues that one trick ponies, especially off meta ones, ruin competitive play for everyone else and consider it trolling. 

Josh Engen, community manager for Blizzard, responded to this matter on a forum thread about the Torbjorn ban today and explained how Blizzard was responding to this issue.


Blizzard looks to be wanting the community to be able to find a common ground between the two side of the one trick pony argument with their mantra of "playing nice" and will be investigating this issue further to see if the ban was justifiable. 

This looks to be the just latest chapter in the age old debate about one trick ponies in Overwatch.