​The Overwatch community never ceases to create amazing fan content ranging from art or hilariously edited videos of Jeff Kaplan. A few fans have now created a fan series on YouTube named ​Sodium Squad centered around "the most disfunctional esports team ever." 

​​The trailer introduced viewers to four Overwatch players, two men and two women, who group up and play competitive together, taking on the team name Sodium Squad. 

In addition to the production quality and camera looking amazing, this trailer works so well because of how relatable a lot of the dialogue was. We've all had had a Widowmaker who can't land a headshot on an idle target but insisted it wasn't their fault.

Sodium Squad's YouTube account promised the pilot episode for their web series to air some time this week, although no specific date was given. 

If you are interested in this upcoming show, you can subscribe to the channel for updates and more.