​​Riot Games announced in a press conference over the weekend that they will be taking over Korea's League of Legends production from OGN. They also announced a LoL specific stadium to be built as well.

​​A Redditor ​by the name epicxdzorz had a comprehensive breakdown of all the particulars in the move. ​The new stadium will be built in the middle of Seoul near Jonggak Station. It will seat roughly 450, which is smaller than OGN's arena, but on par with new ones such as Blizzard's Overwatch arena in Burbank.

​Riot will also be taking over broadcasting, which they say is a move for the long term. Per the post, Riot has stated a desire to continue working with OGN and SPOTV, mainly due to OGN wanting to keep their English broadcast. 

Casters were not named, but Riot has said they will be soon, and it will be a "good lineup." Riot is undecided whether current LCK casters will become free agents, or remain on as Riot employees in 2019.

​OGN has long been the gold standard for esports casting and production in Korea, so fans will be eyeing this closely. Riot will have to deliver results quickly, unless they want long-time OGN supporters on their case.