​Riot Games announced earlier that they would be working with the LCK region to construct an arena for the region.

Accordign to ​InvenGlobal, it has been announced by Riot Korea that the new name for the LCK studio that will open will be called "LoL Park." The presentation for the studio did not have detailed pictures of how it would look in its completion, and only small bits of information were given about its location and size. 

LCK Games will be played on the third floor of the studio of 'Gran Seoul.' The stadium is about 56,900 square feet and can hold an audience size of 400-450 at once. The stadium will be built to look like an arena with the players being situated in the center while seats surround them. 

Riot Korea has also stated that there will be locker rooms built for players and a tunnel entrance where players can exit and enter.


Other interesting features will be built inside the new studio like a PC bang, a coffee shop, and we can expect much more.

A lot of time and money are going to be spent on this new LCK stadium and it's projected to be completed at the beginning of September 2018.

This is going to be great for LCK fans as they can finally witness their favorite teams play against each other in a magnificent stadium.

Images courtesy of InvenGlobal