​When Overwatch announced the change to interrupting ultimates, many fans were understanding, but frustrated. Losing all of your ultimate as opposed to just a certain percent is tough, but personally, I thought that should've been the case from the beginning.

​Now, however, there appears to be a massive bug regarding certain projectile ults, ​as discovered by a redditor named Squidbit playing Mei.

​​The player clearly gets the ultimate off, but in the split-second between Mei tossing Snowball and him hitting the ground, she's stunned, and the ultimate is canceled. Players have reported this with Tracer, Ana, and others as well. Lucio was also a problem, having his ultimate canceled while he's in the air doing his voice line and animation.

In theory and on-paper, this was a good change. If you make the decision to use your ultimate, you should be committing to it, and you're not expecting to have any percent after it anyway. However, when it completely cancels certain ultimates, that's a major problem.

This presents an interesting decision for Blizzard and the Overwatch team. Either alter the percent-drop rate again, or change cast-times and animations of heroes. 

To many players, hearing "Let's Break it Down!" or "Ryu ga waga teki wo kurau!" is an important part of why they love their heroes, but if it comes at the expense of their ult all together, their tunes may have to change.