​Samsung Galaxy were the 2017 World Champions, beating out SK telecom T1 in a decisive 3-0 victory. As with all World Champions, the team will be able to decide which champion they would like to receive a skin. 

Typically, the champions that receive skins are the champions the players used in a match in the Finals. As of now, there is no champion who has received two championship skins.

But that all might change when Samsung Galaxy's Kang "Ambition" Chan-yong chooses his champion for a skin. In an interview with ​InvenGlobal, Ambition stated that he wanted Jarvan IV to be his skin despite Jarvan IV already having a World Champion skin from the Season 1 World Championship.

Ambition played Jarvan IV really well against SK telecom T1 in the matches, and especially in Game 2 when he landed a nasty combo which decided the game for them.

Riot Games does not really have a policy regarding a champion getting two World Championship skins, but they do enjoy if a new champion gets one. 

Hopefully, Ambition will be able to get his Jarvan IV skin because he really deserves it after the way he played at Worlds.

Image courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr