​Team Liquid is making a bold move ahead of IEM Oakland as news is coming out that they will be benching Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz for the foreseeable future.

​​The move is a bit of a surprise as the team have been widely considered one of the best teams in North America. The fourth place finish at iBUYPOWER Masters, an event where they were considered the favorite, may have heavily influenced the decision to bench the player.

Now the conversation is moving more towards the player that will be replacing Stanislaw, Immortals player, Lucas “steel” Lopes. The Brazilian player has been in the center of a whirlwind of moves that have Immortals looking like a dramatically different team and now his new home is Team Liquid. 

Steel joining Team Liquid comes with one glaring negative as he will unable to play in the Major due to already playing in the Minor Qualifier. Most likely stanislaw will return to the starting lineup in order for the team to compete.

The added firepower now makes Team Liquid a much bigger threat on paper and with a small window of time to prepare for IEM Oakland, it'll take a miracle for the team to gel quickly enough to make a deep run at the event.