The 5 Most Important Cards From Kobolds and Catacombs so Far

With a week still ahead of us until the start of another two week spoiler season (starting November 20), we get a chance to look more closely at the initial cards revealed, and think about what they will mean for the Kobolds and Catacombs meta.

5. Marin the Fox

The first card on this list is one you should have seen a lot of by now: Marin the Fox. As a way to hype up the next expansion, players who logged in last week got him for free, and he's been generating value ever since. While he's definitely more fun than powerhouse, you should definitely take the time to look at what's in the chest.

4. Guild Recruiter

Recruit is going to be a tricky mechanic to make work, especially after the rise of Resurrect Priest. Cards like Gather Your Party, which randomly Recruit, will be overcosted, and there will be slim margins on the other Recruit cards needed to make them good. 

Guild Recruiter, for example, is really only good if you pull a 3 or 4 drop, so low rolling on this card will be pretty disastrous in most cases. 

3. Unidentified Elixir

It's been a long time since Priest has gotten a reasonable spell that buffed the attack of their minions, and there's a reason for that. 

In the past, Velen's Chosen giving +2/+4 to one of Priest's already high health minions was enough to turn a slow grind into a real beat down. While Unidentified Elixir is not quite that powerful in terms of stats, some of its effects will have quite the impact in value-oriented games.

2. Sapphire Spellstone

Of the two spellstones revealed so far, Sapphire Spellstone definitely has more interesting applications. The mechanic of improving a card while it is in your hand is cool in and of itself, but the effect of copying minions often leads to one turn kill combos. The process of learning how to break cards like Sapphire Spellstone is always one of the fun parts of new releases.

1. Aluneth

Far and away the most important cards revealed so far, however, are Aluneth and Dragon Soul. 

Never before have Priest or Mage had weapons, and these cards are powerful. Every class will receive a Legendary weapon in Kobolds and Catacombs, each likely to have effects strong enough to build decks around, much like Quests. Aluneth in particular will give a ridiculous amount of value even if it just hangs around for one turn.